Friday, December 19, 2014

Reviews on Social Media Explained

"I live and work in digital marketing [...] I can safely say this is THE best book on social media."
- Danny B., Leeds
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"He's made Social Media Explained practical and helpful to give you a competitive advantage."
-Anne Reuss
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"I would recommend to any entrepreneur"
-Shari Risoff
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"An information-packed survival guide for all the social media specialists who struggle with making void attempts at trying to explain the concept to their bosses."
- Jacob Sapochnick
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"This book is also very relevant for those of us using social media as individuals."
- Ana Canhoto
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It seems to be unanimous among readers that this is the go-to book for social media marketing. It is concise, easy to understand, and most importantly truly helpful.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mark Schaefer and "Social Media Explained"

Mark Schaefer, a globally-recognized educator and consultant of social media marketing, uses “Social Media Explained” to reveal all of his insider advice on social media marketing. His use of real world examples and most importantly his personal experiences not only teach readers how to use social media marketing, but prove that it is a force that cannot be ignored in not only today’s business world, but tomorrow’s. 

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